How To Avoid Getting A DUI In Utah
How To Avoid Getting A DUI In Utah

How To Avoid Getting A DUI In Utah

March 14, 2023

Anyone who has ever gotten a DUI in Utah can tell you it’s not fun at all. In fact, in Utah, the BAC (blood alcohol content) limit for a DUI is lower than any of the other 50 states. 

So, with that in mind, in this guide, we cover:

  • The risks and consequences of driving your UTV (or any other vehicle) in the state of Utah.
  • The fines you’ll have to pay if you are charged with a DUI in Utah
  • DUI lawyers in Utah and how you should defend yourself if you do get a DUI.

And much more! I’m from Utah—trust me on this one, here’s how to not get a DUI in Utah:

What Is The Utah DUI Limit?

Contrary to laws in every other state, you can get a DUI in Utah if your BAC exceeds 0.05% blood alcohol content (BAC) making it 0.03% less than any other state in this beautiful country.

Again, I’m from Utah, and I can tell you first hand that officers here are quite aggressive with finding out your sobriety when pulling you over.

Don’t get me wrong, Utah is my home, and it has a lot of freedoms that even its surrounding states don’t have. That said, but driving drunk or with any amount of alcohol in your system is not one of them.

These sober Mormons have a lot of good qualities, and the best of them don’t drink at all–which is respectable I guess. But that just means that in general the law highly discourages drunk driving, and as a result this place isn’t as “chill” with alcohol compared to other states.

How Much Does A DUI Cost In Utah?

According to the Utah DUI Statutory Overview, your first DUI offense in the state of Utah will cost you a $700 minimum fine plus a $630 surcharge & $60 court fee.

Don’t forget the $300+ towing fee to get your vehicle out of the slammer as well. 

Aside from your pride and driving privileges, you could find yourself in jail for up to 120 days for your first DUI offense in Utah. Oh, and if you refuse a chemical test your penalty could go up higher to 18 months in jail–wow that sucks.

How much is a DUI fine in Utah?

The DUI fine in Utah turns out to be around $1400 USD plus the cost of getting your vehicle out of the impound.

All in all, you can expect to pay around 10 thousand dollars in fees and fines if you are charged with driving under the influence in the state of Utah. Now that’s a hefty fine and a pretty good deterrent! DUI Utah

 What Is An Extreme DUI In Utah?

Just know that the drunker you are behind the wheel, the more harsh the punishment will be.

For example, check out this Extreme DUI Bill Summary made by the state of Utah that basically states that if you exceed 0.16% blood alcohol content that’s an extreme DUI and subject to much heavier fines and consequences.

Need a DUI Lawyer In Utah?

I definitely recommend using Kelly Cardon because he’s been doing it for years and has a great reputation. Aside from that, I’d recommend checking online reviews or talking to your friends to find something. 

Conclusions For DUIs in Utah

So what else is there more to say about driving tipsy in Utah? Don’t do it, it’s that easy. Besides the chore of getting caught for it is far worse than taking an Uber or just staying put for the night. 

Be smart people, and safe motoring to all of your side by side junkies!

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